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Visual Branding with Professional Photographs

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Prospective clients want to see behind the curtain to get an idea of who you are. Authenticity in your visual branding builds trust in a way that stock photos simply cannot.

“Working with Erik and his team was a phenomenal experience. Right from the start he had a clear vision and the results were fabulous. I can’t recommend him enough!”

Dr. Maharma Alvi, West Somerville Dental, Somerville, MA

Consistency Is Key
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Photography has more uses today than ever before. Well designed photographs make sure you’re sending the right message across all of your communication channels.

With so many outlets, it’s never been more important to keep on top of your image.

Professional photographs can be used in many different ways. It represents your online persona and shows you’re committed to what you do.

  •   Your Main Website
  •   Blog
  •   Avatars for blog comments
  •   Professional online forums
  •   Your Google profile
  •   Facebook business page
  •   Google+ business page
  •   Instagram
  •   Header images
  •   Content thumbnails
  •   Footer
  •   Contact link
  •   Publicity photo
  •   Brochures
  •   Post Cards
  •   Business Cards
Tell Your Story with Professional Photographs

Julia is a yoga instructor and wanted her photos to come across as very approachable but also still professional.
IMG_3210-Edit-safia-200 Safia is an aspiring model who needed photos for her portfolio book. Careful selection of wardrobe and makeup styling produce great results.
Businessmen Kevin and Rob are two successful businessmen who wanted to show confidence but also a friendly demeanor. Shooting on the streets of Boston provided for a unique feel to the photos.
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